Natural Hairstyles

Health is Hair

Since our tresses are part of our body, it needs nurturance too. A hair care guide on what is best for our locks is very important for everyone whether you are a girl or a guy. Here are a few friendly health reminders for your natural hairstyles crowning glory.   

• Detoxify

There are a lot of toxins we get from everywhere and undoubtedly, it affects our hair. These toxins are usually embedded in our lifestyle. There are a lot of vices like smoking and drinking and lest exercise.So if you want a hair that can stand the latest hairstyle trends, some may need to change these habits. Start exercising and drop off those vices for your hair care and you will be surprised at the glow of your hair!

• Breathe in, breathe hair

Your day to day hair madness may consist of a lot of chemicals like gel, hairsprays, hair mousse, and a whole lot more! Well we know that it is sometimes unavoidable because we can't always obey what a hair care guide says. However, we can manage it better and manually prevent our hair from damaging. Before you work on those natural hairstyles, keep in mind not to put these products straight on your scalp. This will keep your pores from being clogged at the same time suing off dryness off your hair.

• Dry and steady, comb slowly

To keep up with the latest hairstyle trends like natural hairstyles, we sometimes need dry hair to start with. Since hot air may damage those coils, do not keep it on one spot, move it constantly, pat hair dry with a towel and use your fingers to detangle. Once dry, then you may begin combing with a gentle brush.

Natural hairstyles for the win

Now you know the basic hair care guide, it's time for you to check out the latest hairstyle trends for your natural hair!

• Straight, sleek and sexy

Black hairstyles are common among the oriental race. They like to wear it straight and simple because it represents simplicity and sophistication.

• Curly is more

Some people like it more exciting and daring that is why they prefer the curly natural hairstyles. It is the latest hairstyle trend for fun-loving and carefree women. Try it to feel it!

• Braids breed more

If you want to try something new, you have to consider learning how to do braids. With braids, you can have natural hairstyles that would make you look trendy, classy, and casual all at the same time!

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