Layered Hairstyles For Over 60

Layered hairstyles are very popular and have been popular for some time. They can be done right on many different hair types.

What Are They?

They are hairstyles that cut the hair in different lengths around the head. Sometimes the length differences are subtle, giving the hair more direction; sometimes the look is a little more obvious. Layered hairstyles can be short or long in length. They give the hair direction and body.  

They provide texture and volume to the hair.


There are many types that are a very trendy look right now is the inverted bob hairstyle, where the back of the hair is shorter than the front of the hair. Another great layered look is the long bob. Layered hairstyles can range from very simple bangs with face framing layers, to spiky all over.

Lengths of layered hairstyles vary greatly they can be very short, chin length, shoulder length and longer. It all depends on a personal preference on how long the length of the layered hairstyles will be.

Not Right For Everyone

They are great for folks that have waves in their hair or straight hair. They are not so great for folks that have very curly hair; they tend to kink up curly hair and make it a bit unruly. Hair that is very thick can have some but usually adding more layers will just make the hair look bushy. They are ideal for thin hair; coarse hair does not work out so well with layers.

They usually require little care and can give hair a finished look even when little has been done to it. The look can be a bit of a shaggy sexy look or can be one of the silky shiny pin straight looks that have been popular recently.

Where to Get

Layered hairstyles are offered at all kinds of hair salons. Most any hair dresser can cut hair in this way. An appointment will be required with a hair dresser. Being specific about length desires and shape of the hairstyle is important when speaking with the hair dresser. They vary so widely that being specific is important to get what one is the one that you prefer.

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