Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger

Many people do not understand that the way you cut, style and wear your hair can have a dramatic difference on your overall appearance. Ever wondered why Hollywood actresses are pushing 40 years old, yet still maintain that gorgeous youthful look. A large part of the secret is the hair and make up, yes I know that some opt for the surgical approach, but I am not going to talk about that level of beautification.  

If you have ever had a bad haircut or style you will know that your whole appearance suffers, the same can be said for the reverse. Following some simple guidelines can have your hair help to improve your overall appearance and give the more youthful look.

Consider the following hair tips:

1. Let your hair grow - Strategic cuts along the layers through the crown and alongside your hairline will soften the face and enhance your make-up.

2. The fringes of class - A forehead side swept fringe will draw attention to your eyes and minimise skin imperfections, plus fringes are very youthful styles at the moment.

3. Golden girls wear gold - highlight your hair with subtle natural tones that glow and compliment your hair, this will give your hair a youthful glow and aura.

4. Avoid cool and white- Skip grey, white or super cool tones which take warmth from the skin and cause the years to build up again.

5. Pump up the volume - Flat and lifeless hair will add the years, invest in some high quality product, good quality hair straighteners (ghd straighteners are the best) and add some life to your hair. Use a volume adding monster brush to add that voluptuous volume as we all know volume speaks confidence.

6. Turn back time with texture - Soft waves, stacked curls or graduated angles which are engineered to hug facial contours will add youthful vibrancy.

7. Love you hair - The real secret to youthful look is caring for your hair, we are all guilty of neglect. Make sure you visit your hairdresser for trim and style whenever needed, most of all sort out any split ends!

8. Shiny happy hair factor - Healthy hair equals shiny hair, a youthful look is dependent on how healthy you and your hair look. High quality shampoo and conditioner used correctly will help to keep your hair looking its best. Don't be afraid to invest as your own supermarket brands don't cut the mustard.

9. Avoid the dark side - If you are you are dying your hair darker, be sure not to go more than two shades darker than your natural color, if your do go very dark, add natural highlight tones to maintain a healthy glow.

Hope these tips help, for years Hollywood actresses have been following similar guidelines and we all know how fabulous they look.

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