Hairstyles Or Square Faces Over 50

Do you have a wide forehead, cheekbones that are in line with your jaw and strong features? If so you have a square shaped face for which, to create a more balanced face shape, you need to create an illusion of length by using clever make-up shading to soften the squareness of your jaw and to emphasise your cheekbones.

By the careful use of make-up you can create more balance to your face and to bring a lightness to your cheekbones, forehead and to the centre of your chin. This can be achieved by using a slightly lighter foundation than the one you use on the rest of your face. A highlighter eye shadow should be used under the centre part of your eyebrow and blended in using upward strokes towards the outer edge of your eye. Your eyebrows should be shaped to create a gentle arch just above the centre of each eye and directly over your pupil. A lip pencil used in the middle of your lips will make your lips look fuller. Blusher is very important if you have a square face since your aim is to soften your jawline. This you can do by apply a darker shade on the edge of your jawline and in a gently curved line along your cheekbones.

Any hairstyles you choose should aim to add width to the upper part of your face and soften any sharp angles with clever layering or curls. Heavy, straight fringes and any straight bobs should be avoided since these will just accentuate the squareness of your face rather than creating more balance.

Again, to avoid drawing attention to your strong features, any square or rectangular shaped glasses should be avoided since these will emphasise the angles of your face. Oval or rounded styles that are fairly lightweight are a much better choice.

As with your glasses, any very angular jewellery should be avoided but rounder shapes such as hoops and ovals will give more balance.

Knowing how to apply the most flattering make-up to create a more balanced face and finding a hairstyle that will complement not accentuate your face shape will ensure that you always look great. An image consultant can add to your beauty by giving more advice on necklines and clothing styles to complete your look and ensure you dress for success.

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful. Services include make-up lessons and advice on how to dress for success.

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