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When searching for a change in your looks, there is nothing as simple as changing or updating your hairstyle. Hair cuts designed for your facial structure can make all the difference between looking Wow! or Oh no! There are some fairly common standards to consider for your particular shaped face.

The oval shaped face is considered to be one of the easiest types to flatter. There are many options available for this face. In general, you will want to keep an even length without layers and high volume. Some wispy bangs are often flattering for this shape. With this structure, just about any option is acceptable as long as you choose options that highlight your own individual best features.   

The round face is often problematic for some people, but there are options that can flatter your face. You do not want any cut that will emphasize the fullness of the face. Whether your hair is long or short, layers can help minimize the roundness. Keep the hair off the face and try to emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. Some stylists suggest keeping the hair just below the chin and including tapered ends.

A square face usually looks best with short straight bangs. Cuts should not be too short, and length with layers in the back and sides can add volume to flatter the face. A spiky cut or one with curls on the ends can also work well.

A heart shaped face needs the hair below the jaw line. No short cuts or layers are usually advised. Getting side swept bangs can also take the emphasis off the point in the chin.

The long face looks attractive with bangs to the eyebrows. Curls can also be flattering. Side layering without a lot of volume on top can help to shorten the look of the face.

Of course there are other things to consider besides your facial structure. Do you want a more formal or informal look? Your lifestyle will help make this decision. If you are preparing for a wedding or prom, you will probably want to consider more formal looks. If you are a sporty person, informal styles might work best for you.

Make sure you have a stylist that you trust. She can give advice on what she thinks will look best. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the suggestions, do not be forced into it. It will be you who will live with the decision. One good option available today is on the Internet. There are several virtual sites that let you try out different hairstyles on your face shape. Some even have the option of downloading a photo of yourself, so you can truly get a feel for the looks.

In the long run, the only one who can decide which hair cuts work best for you is you. If you like it and feel comfortable with it, that is all that matters. If you should get a cut that you do not like, remember it will grow out.

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