Hairstyles For Short Hair Women

One of the hottest women's short hairstyles right now is the pixie. There is something very exotic yet innocent and sweet about a pixie haircut. Many people stay away from this look because they don't relish the thought of seeing a hairstylist for maintenance every six weeks, but this is actually an extremely easy look to create all on your own.  

Who Needs a Pixie Cut?

Pixie hair is perfect for someone always on the run. By virtue of the fact that the cut is very short, it's really easy to maintain and keep styled. Why put your hair up in a ponytail every day when you can have a fun, youthful look with minimal effort and time?

The look also shines in warm weather climates - I'm sure at some point you've seen pictures of "island girls" wearing their hair in this manner. Again, because this is a short hairstyle, it can help you keep cool in warm climates.

Another great reason to get a pixie is to emulate your favorite celebrities. From Halle Berry to Victoria Beckham to Sharon Stone, this is a hairstyle that is becoming more and more prevalent on the red carpet. And the good news is that you can wear this style with a variety of facial shapes. For example, it used to be thought that you need to have delicate, angular features to pull off this look, but those with round faces are coming to appreciate this hairstyle too.

How to Create a Pixie Cut

Creating a pixie cut is really not that difficult, but if it's your first attempt I strongly suggest that you have it done at your local salon. For more experienced and/or daring women, here are the basic instructions to pull this look off.

You want to begin by washing your hair, and then towel drying it so it's only damp. Keep in mind that your hair will shorten a bit when dried, so don't cut too much off too fast. You can always wet your hair back down and take off some more; but you can never put it back!

The first step to creating pixie hair is to start at the front center of your head and cut downward on an angle around the perimeter. Be sure to angle the cut so it falls below the top part of the ear.

To create the layers that this hairstyle is so famous for, simply cut at the hair vertically in the back and on the side (it's easiest to begin at the back and work your way forward). When you're doing the top of your head, you will create longer cuts from the area where the skull curves forward, known as the parietal ridge. Continue to make layers all over your head until the desired length and look is achieved.

If you really want to add texture to your pixie cut, use notching or thinning shears. Comb out half inch sections and then cut forward with your shears so some pieces get snipped while others don't. This removes bulky areas and softens up the look.

How to Style a Pixie Cut

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it can be styled many different ways. Leave it natural, part it, spike it, or use a texturizing product to create beautiful wisps.

The look you are trying to achieve will dictate the product that you will use. A firm gel can offer a sleek look either brushed forward or back. This is also ideal if you want to make funky spikes. On the other hand, mousse can give you a soft style that will hold its look all day long.

To create textured pixie hair, rub styling pomade in your hands and then run your hands through certain strands of hair while avoiding others. Keep in mind that a little product goes a long way, especially with ultra short hair styles like this one. Too much pomade will leave you looking greasy with a flat head, so go easy until you get the hang of it.

A pixie haircut also looks spectacular with a headband, scarf or an elegant piece of hair jewelry. Look for products that are labeled as no-slip, as these will help to hold onto your short locks rather than letting them slide out.


The pixie haircut - once relegated to the land of punk rock girls - has become relatively mainstream in the last several years thanks to the pervasive nature of celebrity influence. Just follow the tips in this article and you'll be well on your way to having a trendy, low maintenance look that will dazzle.

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