Cute Lazy Hairstyles

There is a saying that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

This is in many ways true. Even if you are not born classically beautiful or pretty, there is nothing to stop you from being very attractive, very well-groomed or elegant. Every woman, can be any of these, and for a lot of people, this counts as much or more than 'beautiful' or 'pretty'.  

So how do you get there?

1. Identify your strong points. Maybe you have lovely hair (long, thick, nice colour), or beautiful skin (even, a nice complexion), height, a nice figure (slender, or well-endowed, or proportional), or nice teeth (white, even) or a nice face (regular features, beautiful eyes, full lips, a well-formed nose). No woman in the world is totally devoid of at least one attractive feature.

Invest in and maintain your good points. For example, if you have nice hair, make sure it is always well-maintained and well-groomed. If you have a good height, you are a natural candidate for elegance. Use it.

2. The two points every one looks at are your extremities - your hair and your shoes - and everything in between. If you cannot influence what is in between, you have no excuse if you do not influence the extremes.

Identify a hairstyle that suits you, whatever your hair is like. Invest in good haircuts, good hair colour, good hairstyles.

Invest in good quality beautiful shoes. Whatever you look like naturally, you can make sure that your hair is attractive and you wear beautiful shoes. You can match your shoes with other accessories like belts or bags for an even more stylish look.

3. Every woman can be well-groomed. Take time to find out which style of clothes best suits your figure and which colours are best for you. Invest in a few good pieces of clothing that flatter you. A few pieces that make you look well-groomed are better than a closet full of clothes that do nothing for you.

Even if you are overweight, there is still a wide range of clothes that can make you look well-groomed.

Elegance is an attitude - it is not inborn -and every woman can develop it. Every woman can find a style - tailored pant and skirt suits, two-piece outfits, jackets, nice skirts and so on - that make her look elegant.

If you use make-up, find out which make up suits you - for example colours and consistency. Invest in good quality make-up.

The fact is, a well-groomed woman attracts as much or more attention than a beautiful or pretty one. The other fact is that natural beauty cannot be maintained without good grooming. As women age, the difference in attractiveness boils down more and more to grooming and maintenance than natural looks.

With increasing age, even a perfect skin loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle; the perfect figure may grow thicker or flabby; perfect hair may thin out.

At the end of the day, a good grooming and maintenance routine leads to a woman looking better than if she relied on her natural looks alone.

It is for this reason that some women look better with age, because they find their style and the right grooming, while others fade with age, because their attractiveness depended on youthful beauty alone, which cannot be sustained.

4. Posture and Movement are a part of beauty. Whatever you look like, you can work on an upright posture while sitting or standing, and a pleasant way of moving. Every woman can have an attractive posture and movement. An upright posture also increases height and therefore elegance.

5. Get Help. We live in times where help is available for most deficits. Without becoming pathological or obsessive or artificial, a woman can get help for bad skin, such as various cleansers and creams; products to nourish and enhance hair or procedures to correct teeth. This has been taken to extremes such that some women want to correct everything about themselves. That is not what is being suggested here.

A woman who wants to remain balanced and natural can choose procedures to correct outstanding deficits such as dental problems, or bad skin.

6. Work on the inside. Every woman can work on who she is on the inside. A woman who esteems herself and is contented with who she is more likely to have a better posture, better skin, bright eyes and an easy smile. This does not come from natural looks alone. A woman esteems herself if she is good at something, or has developed useful skills or competencies, or feels that she has achieved things that are important to her, or feels important to significant people in her life.

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