Best Hairstyles To Look Younger

The wrong haircut can be terribly aging but if you add a wrongly chosen hair color, there, you have the recipe for a hair disaster!

It is important to choose a style that's age-appropriate, but what's even more crucial is finding a haircut that suits your lifestyle and complements the shape of your face and your features - a good haircut, shape and color will make the most of your hair whatever your age.   

That said, it's okay to try something different if you're keeping some principles in mind.

In the teens and 20s, people are expressing themselves through their looks. The styles are trendy, very celebrity and music-oriented. When you're young you can experiment with different colors and lengths and be more explosive in your expression. Opt for layered, textured styles - short or long - and have fun with styling.

The look women tend to choose in their 30s has to coincide with where they're setting their goals in life. When choosing a new cut, think 'simple elegance' and not 'alternative' - go for mid-length to longer, layered hairstyles and try to skip very short styles or anything too extreme.

The 40s are all about glamor - this is when a woman's hair should have versatility, length and movement to create the perfect frame for the features. Opt for length and layers that add softness to bone structure. Really short haircuts and sharp angles look too severe.

Women in their 50 and older need hairstyles that make their cheekbones have a cut to them or bring attention to their eyes. Don't try to look 20 - simple elegance the key. Layered bobs and texturized one-length cuts work beautifully as they create movement and lift around the face. Avoid bangs, chin-length hair and blunt, sharp styles.

Always have regular trims to maintain both your hairstyle and condition. Ask your stylist for some soft, feathery shaping around the face and consider having a side fringe.

The most important factor to remember is always work with the texture of your hair, not against it. 
If gray hair is a problem, a few highlights can help revive your hair color and will instantly add depth to your style.

The biggest mistake people make is to think that bleached highlights will make them look younger - in fact, as you age, your skin tone changes so you need to pick a color that suits you. Your highlights should remain within two shades of your natural tone.

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